I met Mr. Right and He was Dreamy (and He’s Single)

It took me a long time to date the right guy and it wasn’t because I refused to date. I did date, a lot. I went on more first dates then I can count nor care to remember. But I was really bad at picking the right guy and I even starting setting rules for myself in order to only go on a date with a guy who REALLY liked me and meant it when he said he would treat me right.

And boy did he! He opened car doors for me, always asked about my day and how I was feeling (remaining completely supportive always), and he constantly reassured me that physical intimacy would move at my pace. He was a hopeless romantic, respectful, old school kind of guy.

This was the dream guy, Mr. Right. And I still maintain that months after breaking things off with him. It’s just that he’s Mr. Right for Someone Else, not me. We had different visions for our futures and I realized I would have to let this sweet man fall in love with someone else. And if any girl reading this is interested, I’ll gladly pass it along to him!

Mr. Right for Someone Else showed me that I deserve someone who is supportive, considerate, and trustworthy. He gave me the confidence to know that I’m worth the effort and don’t have to settle nor hide my true self from love. He gave me the hope that I will find that perfect someone for me and I’ll always appreciate him for giving me that.


  1. Wow! How wise you are to be able to know that, and still appreciate him for all his good qualities!
    Sheridegrom says this is your first blog. Welcome to the blogosphere!
    Thanks so much for the follow!
    PS. Where did you say he lives?! 😉


  2. Good for you for moving on from him but respecting him and taking away the qualities you will look in the next guy. You are smart to understand that you had different visions and futures for yourselves. It is important to look back at relationships or friendships that ended and take away the good from them. I had a lovely friend Marta who had to move on due to reasons with her which she explained. I miss her but Marta helped me see what I look for in a friend. She was a really nice sent me a care package when I was depressed and sent me candies on valentines day. I wrote childrens funny stories for her children. It was a great friendship.

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