Then I met you and you looked at me with eyes so true

so I put all my dreams to bed

and another word about them was never said.

You make me better while you make me worse

and you say you love me and you said you’re sorry but it all sounds so well rehearsed.

Suddenly your eyes weren’t so true and I couldn’t forget all you put me through

I finally stepped out of your shadow and let my own light glow

because experiencing life is the only way I’ll grow.

Now I’m taking every chance I get because I’m not done living yet.

Whether the days hot or the months cold

there’s more to life than just doing what you’re told.

Refuse to make regrets or ‘could have been’s

cause a life can end just as soon as it begins.


Over the horizon there are things in life bigger than you and me

and I realized change can be kind, for it let’s you be free.

Change reminds your heart of forgotten dreams

and never holds you back on dry land.

I can feel the water on my feet as I let go of your hand.

Beyond this ordinary life, there’s got to be more

cause I can feel it in my heart, a flame that I can not ignore.


If you want to write the story of your life

you need to have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

So light me up across the sky

and never again will I let my dreams die.

And if you’re ever missing me

just look up into the night and watch my burning light

no matter where I go just know

I love you as much as I did all those years ago.


-April 2012

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