My Favorite Holiday Is You

There is a hint of you in every poem of mine

the faintest honey peach wine still on my tongue from each line.

It was never my intent to put you there, you show up uninvited.

Neither of us had planned to stick around but winter has gone

And come again and I’m still here sipping on you tucked into desire’s cozy fire.


I’ve had fire-cracking love, exploding bright in the navy, July sky

but it died before even touching my grassland heart.

And I had love that colored my cheeks like Santa’s hat during Christmas time

but the twinkling lights fell off my hopeful house before the first snowfall.

You stick in my mind like strawberry pink Laffy Taffy clings to my teeth.

No flashy lights or extravagate shows with roaring crowds,

just a constant you. Quiet but caring solely for me.


We’re each a little more complicated than planned.

Relationships tend to get messier

than a kid’s chocolate covered face on Halloween

Emotions don’t always speak in reasonable logic.

But the sweet, gooey feelings are said

to always be worth the stomach aches.

I’d love to spend another Halloween with you;

what about you?



-December 2015

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