Comfort in the Distance

So I’ve mentioned Stubborn before and I can definitely agree to telling any girl that if a guy doesn’t put in the effort to take you on dates then he’s not into you and you gotta forget him. People rarely take their own advice though.

I’m comfortable where I am with Stubborn.

You know in kindergarten when you’re learning about personal space and you stretch your arms out on either side and you spin in a circle and if you knocked into anyone then you were standing too close to them? Stubborn has intimacy issues just like me. It’s just that he gets uncomfortable as soon as you’re at his fingertips while my intimacy issues don’t start till you inch closer to my elbows. So we run into Stubborn’s intimacy issues first and mine never get analyzed, criticized, or called into question. No one’s busting my balls saying Stubborn’s a good guy if you only gave him a chance.

I believe there is a high chance that if Stubborn suddenly got on board and starting taking me out and wanting to hang out often that my intimacy alarm bells would be going off and I would RUN. So I get the best of both worlds, I get to sit on my high horse telling Stubborn he should date me with everyone on my side thinking it’s his fault things aren’t progressing; And I also get to stay right on that comfort zone sofa where I don’t have to become vulnerable to heartbreak and abandonment.

So for now, I’m pacing myself. I have always ran away as fast as that Hare in and out of relationships. But maybe slow and steady is the key to winning this time.


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  1. Slow and steady is indeed the ingredients of a successful relationship. It takes time to build one. You and Stubborn will get there.


  2. Slow and steady may be the right approach, but be careful with this guy! He doesn’t seem ready or willing to take care of your heart, so you have to be the one to make sure you don’t end up getting hurt by this situation!


      1. It’s really no trouble. You take me back to the days when I had the thrill of dating and contemplating the potential girlfriend’s I met. I envy you being in that position in many way despite the obvious quandraries you find yourself in


      2. Haha I definitely understand what you mean, back when it was young, easy, and hopeful. And the bad times just make us appreciate the good times when they finally come.

        I don’t have a Facebook page but I appreciate the sentiment!

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  3. Yep – it’s a bit like the hare and the tortoise story… the tortoise crossed the winning line first!… Feel the Fear and do it anyway… – that’s a good book by the way!


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