The 35 Thoughts You Have When You See Your Ex on a Dating App

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know I don’t really have an ex. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll still know exactly whom I’m talking about.


  1. WHAAATTTT??!!?
  2. Let me message him, “WASSUP FUCKER”
  3. But what if he ‘liked’ me back, what does that mean?
  4. What will he think if I ‘like’ his page…?
  5. FUCK, I’m thinking about this too much
  6. Wait, why does it say he’s that many miles away?
  7. That’s not where he is right now
  8. Stupid app.
  9. Oh, that’s where he was when he last logged in
  10. I didn’t know that how many miles apart we lived..
  11. God, he really sucked
  12. Why did his profile show up now?
  13. Did he just get the app?
  14. Have I gone through all the pages that have recently logged in and now I’m on pages that never log in…
  15. What’s the algorithm of this app
  16. Who am I kidding, he just reactivated his account. Probably because I just reactivated mine..
  17. I’m thinking too much again.
  18. Do NOT feel guilty or like you have to explain yourself for being on a dating app
  19. Omg, all his pictures are like 5 years old
  20. Why does his group of friends do that?
  21. His friends were probably another red flag..
  22. Homie, you wish you still looked like that
  23. Oh this one’s kinda recent
  24. He only likes that picture because I had told him I liked that jacket… Fucker.
  25. What’s up with all these gazing off into the distance pictures
  26. This picture is horrible quality, why would he even put that up
  27. Alright, I’ve got it, he should put this picture first.
  28. This one second, then third.
  29. Oh, delete this one.
  30. Why is he even on here? He’s too emotionally unavailable to date anyone.
  31. I hope the next girl is smarter than me.
  32. Maybe in 5 years he’ll actually be ready to date someone
  33. OMG. What if he finds the love of his life right now?
  34. Ugh, Fuck it. He can do whatever he wants.
  35. I’m done.




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