The Consequences

I’ve been walking around all day shaking my head. Dumbfounded. Confused. Different ended things last night and I was a bit blindsided. He ended things over something he learned two days ago when I last saw him. He joked about it and still held my hand. He even planted our first kiss on me.

That was a test I guess. Him trying to convince himself he liked me maybe. Seeing if he really could. I guess he couldn’t. Heck the other night he sent me a Led Zeppelin song to listen to, “Baby I’m Gonna Leave You”. Well yes, Sir I guess you did.

What he has learned, he didn’t like. I had done something to upset him. I broke his trust and that was it, done. I wanted to fight him, plead my case, and apologize. But he had already decided. Its hard to fight someone when they already have their mind made up. I felt like I didn’t get to hear the full story. That there was more to this.

If I had known it would upset him then I never would have done it. I feel like I deserve another chance. Like I already had someone else’s past mistakes on my record. Was I paying for someone who has hurt him in the past?

The other option is that he wanted to end things with me anyway and this was his first chance out. Maybe he knew I wasn’t the one for him. He had tried to give me a shot and I just didn’t make the cut. I’ve done this with other guys before. Tried to give it a chance knowing that I wasn’t really into it. Or maybe it was intimacy issues on his part since we knew such deep, personal things about each other so quickly. Maybe it was too much for him. He had to leave before he could get hurt. Of course, that doesn’t make him different, in fact it makes him a little too similar to my past guys.

Either way, it feels unresolved but I havent contacted him. Something I learned from Stubborn. And something I learned from life is that you don’t always get closure.

One last thing I did learn from my short time with Different though is just how much has to go right in order to make a relationship work. We had similar life goals, which was a first for my suitors. He also brought back to life my fragile, innocent childhood dreams. I felt connected to him in a way I hadn’t with anyone else and now I want to search for that connection in others. There’s plenty more I liked about him so why does love keep not working out for me? What has to be aligned? Values, personality, life goals, passions, chemistry?

He seemed so right and it feels so unfinished. I’m still half hoping that he’ll tell him friends about how things ended and they’ll lead him back to me. Tell him I deserve another chance. That my good outweighs the bad.

I’m hopeful for that because I feel so hopeless having to jump that in the dating pool again. I had found a fish that was very smart and a little weird and I wanted to keep him longer. I wanted to see where the current would take us.

I’m sad it’s over.

I’m angry at the injustice of not explaining myself more.

At the injustice of not getting the full story. Not understanding why it would make him so upset.

At myself for making him upset and causing this ending.

I’m defeated about love at the moment.

I’m tired of putting myself out there just to lose out again.


  1. “Was I paying for someone who has hurt him in the past?” This. I don’t know if this applies to what happened in your relationship, but I know that I’ve been guilty of having others pay for someone else’s actions. It’s not right, but it is something to consider.

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  2. Oooooh Noo..

    I too hate that feeling of rejection and not knowing exactly why he walked away..
    but girlfriend. Don’t sweat 💦 it..
    obviously 🙄 he was quite shallow and self righteous anyways.. he might be cute .. and says all the right stuff
    But.. it might be just empty words..
    I live by this saying..

    Just don’t give on dating.. there are so many awesome guys out there..
    just keep on trying… you will find that one who makes all the others seems worthwhile losing..

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    1. Yes, because now my mind can play tricks on me! I can go on for hours wondering what I did wrong and how I need to change, etc.
      I don’t think shallow is the right way to describe him, complex is actually probably better lol.
      Thats an excellent saying!! I gotta remember that from now on! Dating is a very draining experience. I look forward to the date I meet the right one, but he’s definitely taking his time getting here!!!

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      1. It will be worth the wait my dearest..

        In the meantime Just the the company of these dates that has no hope..
        You can find joy in having a good time conversing and doing whatever you do ..
        Maybe dancing 💃…
        Enjoying a drink 🍹..
        super conversations…
        Bowling 🎳..
        ect.. ect..

        When you cross paths with the right guy for you.. and will know..

        Here is my very special quote for you…
        “How often does life take two people and just melt them together; emotionally in a way that puts them in same place and time..”

        When this happens.. and you are in sync.. the feeling you get will be so exhilarating.. and shared by him..
        you will echo each other thoughts and emotions…


  3. I’m sorry to hear this. And I hate sounding cliché and say “There’s someone better out there” or whatever, because right now it just feels like poo-poo.

    What I do know and what I believe is that things are obvious: Obviously, this is not going to work and better it end now then later – regardless of how he did it, he did it.

    Until then, the sea is now WIDE open! 😉

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    1. I just realized I had a whole slew of thoughts and only typed half of them…

      I mean to say something of the order of cliché anyways, but I’d like to think I was more eloquent…

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