Modern Romeo

I think he’s from Virginia or maybe Maryland.

I honestly can’t remember.

But he pleads for my time, fighting

for one of the million chances I’ve so easily thrown to you.

He begging for a shot to drive 5 hours for me

and you can’t even be burdened with 25 minutes.

This should tell me all I need to know.

And yet I still want more answers,

what’s she like? Does she live next door ?

I thought I could give you enough, do you want more?


-June 2017


  1. boy I have been here….. I feel like my past is what makes me cling to those that leave me but don’t explain why. As the years have gone on I have gotten better about not doing that ….. but still, its hard. I feel like women in general end up putting in and investing more emotionally than men do & that’s why its hard for us to let go.

    Thanks for the poem – it reminds me of some self reflection I need to do.


    1. I feel the same way! I also don’t really remember or know how it started with the whole abandonment thing. I have a theory I chose emotionally unavailable men because I think I can’t become vulnerable and get hurt. But as I’m sure you know, it hurts just the same to chase someone who doesn’t want to stay.

      It’s hard work making that conscious effort to pick different men but I think we’re both healthier for it. I know in marriages, women do a lot of the emotional heavy lifting (thinking of gift ideas, spending the time picking out treats/toys for family) but I feel like most men struggle harder letting go (of a break up at least). Maybe because society pressures men to bury their feelings?

      You’ve given me a lot to think about too! I hope we both find the men who will prove us wrong in the best way possible

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    1. This is interesting to me because I tend to write about the same characters you’ve already met in my articles such as Stubborn and Mr Right. For example this poem was about Stubborn. I guess I’ve kept my poems vague when I could because less detail makes it more relatable for a larger audience. I’m not really sure what I would write to explain some of my poems, they come from such a vulnerable place already, I feel quite exposed as is, but you’ve given me food for thought.

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  2. I think when people don’t fight for their partners always it’s not meant to work out. I’ve been with my guy for five years and no matter what living situation we’ve been in (2 hrs apart, a flight away, down the street from each other we’ve done it all) we never just stop caring or trying to stay in contact. It’s important to want to interact!

    – Shannon |


    1. I couldn’t agree more! The lack of effort and action speaks volumes! It’s moments like these that make it so clear how hard I was trying to force someone who didn’t really care about me.

      I hope you two are back to living closer now! Long distance can be tough but at least most times there’s an end date and you know you’ll be back together soon enough.


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