Debatably Dateable’s One Year Anniversary!!

Holy Smokes, I can’t believe I made it! YAY!

When the thought first entered my mind to start a blog I was really worried about it fizzling out in the first 2 or 3 months. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to come up with any more material and that no one would read what I was publishing anyway.

I can now confidently say I consider this blog a success for making it to the one year mark! I look forward to the ways it could grow in the future or whatever new adventures it leads me to.

I never would have thought I would make it this far and even guest write on other blogs. This is an amazing community and I’m glad to be a part of it.

elle woods blog





  1. That’s incredible and inspiring! I’ve always been meaning to start a blog too, but my breakup +2 weeks ago is what finally pushed me to commit 🙂 I’m a rookie next to you though. Congrats!

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    1. I’m sorry for the motivation that pushed you but I’m so glad you’ve finally start what you’ve been wanting to and you’re putting out some seriously amazing content!!! I was worried my blog wouldn’t make it past 3 months so to be here one year later definitely feels like success to me but otherwise I’m the same as I was 2 weeks in, WordPress is easy enough to learn quickly. Thanks for reaching out and I can’t wait to read more from you!

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  2. Time goes by pretty quick, especially when we’re doing something that we enjoy. Or maybe passion got a hold of you, and in a blink, here you are celebrating your 1 year anniversary with your readers.

    Even though there are scads of blogs out here, your blog is unique, ’cause you’re unique. That makes your blog one of a kind. One year in shows consistency. Once readers see you, and when you push that PUBLISH button, hear you…bingo…you not only have you foot in the door, you have kicked it open.



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