Question for My Readers

Hi Readers!

I assume most of you might follow my blog because you too have been in a boxing match with online dating. Are there any of you who have never been on dating websites/apps though?

Are there questions you wonder about modern online dating but feel silly asking?

I want to do a Q&A for those who have never been on a dating site so if you have questions, send them my way!

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  1. I’ve never used them because I’ve never had the need, but even if I were single and ‘looking,’ I don’t think I would ever feel comfortable with using them; talking to strangers and whatnot. How did you start? Do you prefer apps or websites? Have you ever tried speed dating? What is your go to excuse to run out on a date that’s not going well?

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    1. Ooh I tried this thing called Lock-and-Key event before going online and meeting my now boyfriend. It was dreadful! Has anyone else tried it? If it would’ve been better I might have tried Speed Dating.


  2. I come from the middle ages when sites did not exist. When women met men through their friends, friends of their friends, friends of their friends friends. They met men through their aunts and uncles, their neighbors. It was a time when you weren’t afraid to say that you were looking for a boyfriend, it was a time when they could see that you were in need of someone to be by your side. It was a reliable way to meet people. You new who you were meeting, what they were like. But that was a time when people made time for each other, not like today, when they have more time for their mobile phones then they do for eye to eye contact. You can see a man’s soul though his eyes, the way he behaves when you ask awkward questions, the look on his face when you say something stupid, you can’t see that on a mobile phone and most of the contact that happens before the first date is thought chats on a mobile phone. It gives people time to calculate, to make tactics. That isn’t good. When you are given the time to make plans, you are given the chance to act, and acting, being someone your not, behaving the way you normally wouldn’t, just to try and please someone, can be very harmful for both sides.
    But what I do know is that, whatever way you are trying to find that special person, you shouldn’t give up. You will come upon some people that are not for you, but that does not mean that you will never find the person you are looking for, the one that is meant for you. You just have to be persistent and it will happen.

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  3. I’m divorced and would like to find a nice man. But I’m afraid after hearing all the horror stories about online dating, so I’ve stayed out of the fray. I have friends who swipe and I’ve been on their phones looking at how it all works, but I haven’t the nerve to put myself out there. Old-fashioned, married for over 20 years, I don’t want my heart broken if he ghosts. Ugh. So how do you keep your sanity while online dating and not get overly excited when there’s a small connection? I liked the old ways we dated before I married. Not really liking the whole idea of fake photos, etc. Thanks for answering. 🙂


    1. It didn’t really cost my mind that older generations would still be ghosting each other but that’s happened to your friends? I definitely look forward to answering your thoughtful questions in a few weeks!


      1. Thank you! Yes, it is happening and I just don’t know if I have the patience nor the heart to deal with that! My friend is 50, had a few dates with a 45 year old and after he suggested date 3 at a hotel and she politely declined, he was gone. Guess 3’s the magic number?


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