Not Available Then Not Worth Your Time? 

Our first day of Project LoveFest in November kicks off with this great article from Tryone!!

An Inviting Piece of the Pie

At this present moment in time I have no real life daughters, so oftentimes what happens is, I create hypothetical situations, where my fictional daughter would freely come to me for advice and willingly absorb the knowledge from my words of wisdom. In a similar way that Scout Finch would openly ask her father Atticus, questions in To Kill A Mockingbird to gain deeper understanding and meaning.

My imaginary scenario involves my daughter turning to me and asking me the question that plaques the soul of anyone who wants to gauge if that special someone swims in the same pool of reciprocal feeling. My imaginary daughter would ask the same question that legendary pop sensation Whitney Houston herself once pondered and sang with such soul…

“How will I know if he really loves me?”

It would be at this moment I slowly turn toward my fictional daughter with a smug…

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