You Mean, I Didn’t Have To Actually Go On A Date!!?

An Inviting Piece of the Pie

So my conversation went something like this…

Excited Student (showing me his smartphone screen): “So what do you think of my girlfriend?”

Me: Wow! Very Nice! Where did you meet her?”

Excited Student: “Through Instagram.”

Me: “Through Instagram? You mean the app, right?”

Excited Student: “Yeah! She liked and commented on my photo’s and then we exchanged a fewDM‘s

Me: “Oh right! So how was the first date?”

Excited Student: “We haven’t been on one, I haven’t actually met her yet. “

Me: “You haven’t? But you’re in a relationship, right?”

Excited Student: “Yeah of course, she’s my girlfriend!”

And for the remainder of the conversation I was looking a little confused(butfascinated with aconceptI never thought could become a mainstream reality)as this student was telling me how he was in a relationship with a women he hadyet to physicallymeet and this was further confirmed by his…

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