The Thorny Topic of a Woman’s Age (pt 2)

(Midlife) Adventures in 21st Century Dating & Mating

In part 1 of this topic I talked about the rise of the cougar and the increasing social acceptance of women over 40 as sexual creatures, and desirable ones at that. In my interview with my first follower, Christine commented that she didn’t recall this trend when she was in her 20s, affirming that it’s definitely ‘a thing’ now. But this doesn’t change the rotten apple in the barrow – the prejudice and discrimination against older women that surrounds us in the West, and infiltrates our minds and belief systems.

Here in Unleashing the Cougar! I am narrowing down the focus to the online dating world. (I read a blog recently that referred to dating ‘in the wild’ meaning old-school dating pre-internet!)

If you are a woman who chooses to maximise your options by massaging the truth about your age, there are good reasons behind this strategy –…

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