The Thorny Topic of a Woman’s Age (pt 3)

The third installment is an excellent read!

(Midlife) Adventures in 21st Century Dating & Mating

In my last two articles I shared my thoughts about how women over 35-40 are perceived, messaged and portrayed in our modern world, and why this might be cause for concern, or deep irritation!

Ageism is real and though some could argue that funky, attractive and interesting women have a social obligation to buck the stereotype and proudly declare their age, that’s not what I’m here for on this online dating journey.

My main motivation so far has been opportunity, making the most of it and experiencing the variety and spice of life.

I have never doubted that stating my age would reduce my opportunities, and so my tactic has been to bend the truth or allow other people to be the judge. Just look at the data if you don’t believe me – unless you’re a woman in your early 20s, you’ve already passed peak desirability!

The dodgy…

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