London’s Calling

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Erin's World

London, I have known you for so long
Your smell is on my skin, your life is in my bones
I have your heart: your pulsing traffic
My eyes hold your city lights
London, you made me who I am,
A night owl, a warrior, a lover of shadow
You moulded me into one of your many tower blocks,
A paradox, tall, full of life, grey, alone.
London, when will you learn to listen?
I’m screaming into your endless noise
I am not so young now, I see what you hide behind your archaic façade
Our suited serpents scripting futures that are not theirs to write
London, I feel as if I’m drowning,
 Just another drop of rain in an endless lashing sea
Trying to get my voice discovered
If I haven’t learned to swim now perhaps I never will
London, don’t get me wrong
I love all you have…

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