the boy who was blue

Erin's World

Disclaimer: this is completely fictional, though probably a combination of many people I’ve come across so I’m not indirecting anyone. Just in case anyone gets weird about it. Ha.

I once knew a boy who was blue. There was a steadiness about him; he never stayed out late, never got too drunk, always knew how to look after his friends. He loved phone calls at 1am, waking people up asking impossible and personal questions that nobody could ever answer. I’d like to say that curiosity was one sided, but his pointless rambling, annoying to others, was fascinating to me. He’d keep me there, long after I should have slept, discussing crazy conspiracies or how our lives were playing out; though he made everything more serious than it was.

I once knew a boy who was blue, that was just his colour, so when he dyed his hair I knew that…

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