On A Simple Request

It’s another glorious morning for Project LoveFest, what kind of conversations are you having?

Zoe Dean


I have a request.

I want to see in a movie, in a TV show, in a webisode, in an HBO special, those moments when you’re having sex and it doesn’t look sexy.
Those times when you’re finally getting going and it’s hitting the right spot or God she feels so tight or fuck he’s doing it right and then…the dick slips out.
Or the condom falls off.
Or you queef.
Or you slip out of position and can’t get it back again.

I want to read a story where two people have an actual negotiation before they start fucking – where instead of the guy saying, ‘Well I am the domliest of dommy doms and you are a natural submissive’ -(side note what the fuck is a natural submissive. Everyone has hard limits.) Two people have an awkward conversation where they have to get over the awkwardness and say…

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