Second Chances

I wrote about how the cliche for my relationship is ‘timing is everything’ I figured today I’ll explain that a little bit more. I first started talking to my boyfriend on a dating app about a year ago. We probably only talked 3-4 weeks and we never ended up meeting. That wasn’t without lack of trying of course, I was open to meeting up and so was he.

But timing wasn’t right and we were looking for different things so 8 months passed before The Boyfriend randomly contacted me. Now that we were in different points of our lives, I told him why I thought we never met up all that time ago. We made up for lost time and met up just a few days after reconnecting.

He was wearing glasses and dirt on the shoulder of his black shirt from a work event he just came from. I was surprised by the instant attraction I had to him and also a bit surprised to hear myself an hour later saying yes to going down to the docks after we ate.   An hour date turned into five hours and I was thankful for second chances.

I’m still surprised sometimes at how easy parts of the relationship are. My trust issues have always kept guys at a bit of a distance and yet in just a couple of weeks he claimed title as My First Boyfriend. My boyfriend plans dates/adventures/trips , puts in the effort to be romantic, and is transparent in his feelings for me. Of course, it isn’t all easy as I’ve mentioned before but any issue that pops up is an issue I want to face with him.

I’m not sure why a year ago things didn’t work out or if we had met up then maybe things would have? But maybe life was too crazy then and things needed to work themselves out. So we took our time meeting and here we are together at last.


  1. I love this because timing is everything, and that’s so true. My now boyfriend had been trying to talk to me ever since May, but I shut him out then because I was going through an emotional time. But we reconnected in September, and have been dating since October 🙂


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