The Feels

All Things Pale

Letting out into the open your feelings isn’t such a bad idea. Frightening yes, but in actuality we are more frightened of ourselves than others. Strange right? We’ve known ourselves our whole lives yet we are still afraid to admit things to ourselves. How ironic? I mean seriously what can we do if we did admit such feelings? We can’t run away from ourselves can we?

In nature we are actually quite amusing, we build things to such importance on a daily basis. Things that don’t and shouldn’t really matter. I could be all hippie and tell you to be one with yourself but in actuality who even knows how to practice that sort of information?

Truth is these are lessons you learn as life goes by. I wish there was a faster course trust me I do. But it all comes down to timing and honesty.

Just don’t be…

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One comment

  1. You said it nicely, we build things that do not really matter. Infact it is the game we play all our lives. We think everything matters. We believe everything is permanent. But like a sand castle that is washed away by a wave, all our wealth, desire, ambitions can be washed away. Do we then give up? No we have to move on. Play the game like an actor in a drama. An actor who knows drama is not real, but he does his best. Drama ends, actor assumes his original self.


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