Break ups are tough :/ here are some ways to help you get through them !


(♥ Coming at you a day late, but only because I worked so hard on this for you, babes. ♥)

After two earth-shattering breakups that left me depressed and not sure who I was or what to do with myself. The weird thing is the first one was mutual, and the second, I was the one to call it off. But I’d sunk so much time and energy into these relationships (mostly just energy in the second one) and had invented a heavily detailed future with both of these people before realizing we weren’t good together. Not to mention the first relationship involved trashing a lot of my original, independent future plans for the sake of the new ones we were creating together.

Why do break ups hurt so much? Other than the rejection, which in my case was absent, we made a future with these people, and it hurts…

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