Here’s some online dating advice from today’s Project LoveFest blogger!


Current Tinder Stats

Dates made: 13

Dates canceled: 5

Dates gone on: 7

Dates successful*: 5

Dates ending in hookups: 4

*Success measured by whether I still want to talk to the party in question or not.

How long has it been now? Still only two months? God, it feels like it’s been years. I can feel my body/mind crying for some significant time off from going on dates or hooking up, so I’d better wrap up this Tinder advice before I retire the blessed app for a while.

Last week I focused on what kind of guys I look for on Tinder and why, including some of my observations and realizations after much trial and error. This week I want to talk about making a profile because, kids, you’re all a goddamn mess.

I can’t tell you how other people use Tinder, but I almost always look through all…

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