Chapter 57 – Who I Am?

Good morning Project LoveFest!! Happy Friday!

The Chronicles of a Happy Divorcée

Wednesday, 17 February 2016.


Not the sun – just thy moon?

I’m a lover – I’m beloved.

I am fun, I am old.

Woman, sister, mom and daughter,

I am scared, I am bold.

I’m not bitter, I am sweet!

I’m a lady,


I’m determined, I am flawed,

I am awed by thee.

I’m his Ex, I am deep,

I am active, I’m asleep.

I am happy, ugly, heavy.

I just want to leave.

I am light, I am dark,

I am gracious, I am marred.

I’m a birdie, I am barred.

I am patient, restless, pretty –

Just thy wild card.

North and south,

Kind and blind.

Just a girl,

I’m a friend.

I’m just tired –

I will end.

I am loyal, I betray:

I’m a sinner, I’m a saint –

I’m forgiving, I’m forgiven,

Though now drained.

Hot and cold (not really)

I’m a…

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  1. Such an honor to be reblogged for the first time. Grateful!

    If any of your followers want to check out my story, my blog is a book (so start from the beginning) – a true story of pain, beauty, joy, hope and love! Welcome. 🙂


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