Making Music

Last week for Project LoveFest!! It’s been amazing to see so many cool and diverse bloggers!!!

Rose in Full Bloom

d9941e0d3b3e9cbe5805bb76a78a5fb6There it is again, his heart beating

 out of his chest.

He thinks I can’t tell, but I can see it in his face.

Playing it cool doesn’t work on me. I read his body like sheet music.

His breath quickens setting the time signature for the most beautiful piece.

Each of his heart beats mapping the quarter and half notes.

The intermittent kisses he softly places upon me, give way to the rests in each measure.

While the stroking of his hands along my curves plays out like the soft manipulation of a violin riding the beautiful waves of unimaginable sound.

My moans set the tone as the notes flow from within me and land perfectly on the staff.

The way he watches me like a conductor watches his music come to life, sends chills throughout my body.

He plays me masterfully, producing heavenly sound with every motion.


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