Dating App Run Through

Tinder – probably got its fame by becoming notoriously known as the Hook Up App. No reason to spend time writing up a bio or putting up more than one picture, minimally effort required to Netflix and Chill. People also use Tinder as an ego boost, racking up as many matches as possible without ever messaging anyone. A game to pass the time, a swiping addiction that’s hard to stop even after you’ve found the one you want to exclusively date.

Bumble – Is like Tinder in the regard that there’s a short area for a bio and it’s the swiping game. The main different is that the girl has to be the one to make first contact. Some guys AND girls have issues with this because society says men should be making the first move and pursuing the woman. If your fragile ego is bothered by this then just stick to Tinder. The other difference from Tinder is the time limits. The girl has 24 hours to make initial contact and after that, the guy has an additional 24 hours to make that first response and establish a connection. I enjoy this because it forces acknowledgement. You don’t have to wonder if they’ll message you or if they even saw the message. The rule is simple, you snooze you lose. My one issue with Bumble is that I do wish it included ‘last active time’ because I know there are profiles that have not been touched in months and yet they still get in rotation. If you haven’t been on your active account in 2-3 months then it should be deactivated. Bumble also stands out because you can send picture messages which is not always the case with other dating apps.

OKCupid – I have given the nickname ‘Build-A-Boyfriend’ to OKC because it allows you to create criteria when searching for matches such as education level, body type, ethnicity, drinking/smoking preference, and ‘what you’re looking for’ (i.e. friends, long-term dating, casual). OKC is also very in-depth by asking prompt questions such as ‘self summary’, ‘what I’m doing with my life’, ‘favorite books, music, movies, food’ and survey type questions to help you match people with similar answers.. This allows you to really get to know a person and understand if you’re both looking for the same things. It also has a lot of added features that you can paid for with a monthly subscription. I also like that OKC has a website page as well as the app which both Tinder and Bumble do not.

Plenty Of Fish – has a lot of similarities to OKC like body type, ethnicity, and religion as well as creating a decent bio with an ‘about me’ and ‘activities’ section. POF also has a website but I strongly prefer OKC to POF and I believe it has to do with the landing page and the systems just seeming so out of date. I feel like my laptop should have a dial-up when I visit that site. I’ve heard plenty of relationship success stories through Tinder and OKC where as I’ve never even heard of anyone meeting up on POF but maybe it was more popular back when it started in 2003.

Match – is another old landing page. I know Match’s demographic leans older but the website could really use an update. The reasons I tried Match was in part because of those new commercials that seem to be targeting a younger demographic. I was curious to see if the marketing had worked and since you have to pay for Match I figured more people seriously looking for a relationship would gravitate there. The Marketing Campaign does not seem to be have much of an effect on the membership age so far since there is still a limited amount of 20 somethings aged profiles. Even if I was 20 years older, I would not be impressed by Match.

Coffee Meets Bagel- is unique because it severely limits the amount of profiles you can view in a day. They will either pick out a ‘bagel’ for you daily or allow you to browse 10 profiles and pick one for that day. This forces you to take each profile more seriously instead of mindlessly swiping for hours. Something CMB used to do but has since gotten rid of was getting feedback from you whenever you ‘passed’ on your potential match for that day. The other odd thing about CMB is that connections only stay open for a week and thereby the app forces you to forfeit the communication or move on to another messaging app. Although CMB is an app only dating space like Tinder and Bumble, it encourages more in-depth bios by including height, religion, self summary, likes and hobbies, and what you’re looking for in a date.

Hinge- is oddly exclusive as the app could only be downloaded if you have an iPhone until now with the launch of the app for Android users. Hinge has you log in via your Facebook so that they can access your friends network and start matching you with friends of friends. I think this paired with the fact that you’re only given 15 or so matches a day ups the chances of finding someone looking for an actual relationship. If you’re just looking for random hook ups you probably don’t want it to be someone you could run into later at a friend’s BBQ nor would you want to limit your ‘hey you up’ text to only 15 people. A downfall though has perhaps been the limit of users because with over 600 Facebook friends, I regularly pass the same profiles every week and began visiting the app less and less.


  1. A lot of my friends use POF and have had great success with it. They use the app though rather than through a desktop or laptop. I used it a couple of years ago but had bad experiences. I didn’t like Tinder at all and didn’t use any other sites.


  2. I think these are pretty accurate but I feel like at the end of the day, it’s all based on each person. I only really get invites from most of these apps to Netflix and Chill, however, a lot of my girlfriends have found husbands this way. I think you really have to spend a lot time vetting out guys or girls. And some people just don’t have time for that.


    1. I definitely agree that these apps attract a lot of Netflix and Chill type of people. You really have to sort through all the dirt to get to that one piece of gold. I agree that it’s a lot of work. I think people that don’t use dating apps also put in a lot of work of getting ready for a night out and the mental prep of trying to find someone every weekend


  3. What a good idea for a post. It was great that you added your personal experiences.

    Seeing so many people using those apps and spending so much time on that, I am considering becoming a swiper for hire. Does your finger hurt from swiping left? I’ll do it if you pay me nicely.


  4. The main thing about dating apps is that they are highly dependent on your location and your part of the world. Apps and sites vary in every country and are more or less popular in cities/regions. In Australia we have some different ones. I go through a list of them on my site. I have never used Tinder because in my city (small-ish) I do not want to date using my real name, nor do I want to declare my age in lights. (Again, check out my site for the reasons why). POF is pretty big in my city, we do not have Bumble or Match or Coffee Meets Bagel, and OKC has a tiny pool. Like I said, it all depends on the people listed where you live.

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  5. There may well be plenty of older-aged profiles on Match, but in my experience and following research, it is more successful for under 40s. That said, even though it has zillions of members, research suggests that only about 6,000 are paid members at anyone time – so for anyone not receiving replies – this is a huge factor to consider. All in all …. I find fake profiles on ALL of the sites that I use. POF has been successful for some – it is also notorious in the UK for the murder of a young girl (actually from my home town) by a guy who met her via POF. It’s a cyber-jungle out there!


  6. Good post. I have used all these except Hinge. I have never heard of it. CMB has been worthless for me. I met my ex-bf (best friend) on POF. I don’t like that you have to pay on Match. I see mostly the same guys as on OKC and POF. I have met two great guys on OKC that I have remained friends with but I have more contacts from married men on that one. Tinder, so far, has been a waste of time but I am actually chatting with a guy I met on Bumble right now. Who knows. I am in a small community so many men are on all the sites. I have been off and on OKC and POF for 4 years. I just got back on these a few weeks ago. Not sure I want to continue but it is so hard to meet men otherwise.

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  7. I have tried Tinder (met some nice guys, met some total assholes), Bumble (pretty much the same as Tinder), OKCupid (don’t even think I made it 24 hours), Coffee Meets Bagel (never really understood how it works), and I just recently got on Hinge (jury is still out, but not sure it will last more than a couple of days). I still prefer the apps, because I don’t really want to feel like I need to go out to meet people, just to go out and it be a bust.


  8. Why does noone ever review Badoo? I’ve only ever used Badoo and Tinder and had equal results on both sites. Badoo has loads of features Tinder doesn’t including messaging with timed picture imaging if required (kinda like snapchat) and has much better search facilities than Tinder because, for instance, you can manually over ride the location.

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