Are Crazy Exes a Myth?

Now I’m not saying that crazy exes don’t exist, because they totally do. I’m just saying you need to acknowledge the role you play when it comes to stirring the crazy.

For example, Stubborn drove me crazy. Just like anyone would go crazy by being tempted by the thing you so desperately want just out of reach. Your thoughts can go crazy wondering what he’s doing and thinking, reading into all words and actions, and craving the attention that runs hot and cold. The uncertainty would put anyone on edge, you don’t feel safe when you’re surrounded by all this doubt.

Of course, maybe she’s just insecure and you haven’t done anything to make her question your trust. Yet she still acts ‘crazy’ and you wonder how you yet again have ended up with a crazy ex. I’m sure all your exes are bitchy and insecure, the question is why do you keep picking these girls? Do you want to fix these girls? Are you self sabotaging because you’re not ready for a relationship?

Lastly, love is crazy. The chemicals released in your brain for love are strikingly similar to some mental illnesses. So even a chemically well-balanced individual may experience some out-of-character thoughts and behaviors while in a relationship. You’re a strong independent woman who don’t need no man! And yet… just one day without your significant other makes you ache with need and you wonder how you let yourself lose this much control!

So I’m just saying, yes, your ex might be crazy but did you make her that way?


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