The Parasite

I’m not sure why you still talk about her

Can’t you see that it hurts me?

You haven’t spoken to her in months but yet

Here she is again in our conversation

In your mind and in mine

I feel like she has a permanent place inside of you

Inside our relationship.

I feel crazy for not being able to let it go

But have you let her go?

She’ll drain us both if we let her


    1. That’s so tragic, I’m sorry that happened! There’s a character on here i used to talked about, Stubborn, who would always talk about one of his exes and that’s who i worried about but a year later it’s his other ex he’s actually chasing!

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  1. I feel like it’s a matter of perspective. You could see it as, its not her he’s not over with, its just a memory or lesson that may have traumatized him. He is still learning from the experience and it may take him time, years even, to fully understand what happened. The guy needs closure.


      1. Its so, so difficult. I’ve always been guilty of being on the either side and it was really eye opening to experience it as the person being hurt. Then I experienced it a few more times. Its so hard.


      2. I wonder why we say it, sure talking about our past experiences is a cornerstone for communication but how should we draw the line? Talk about exes but be vague? Forget they ever existed and never bring them up?


      3. I’ve made the decision to forget and never bring them up again and I think it is actually helpful to help us move on from the past. I only wrote a post about dating on here to discuss some situations but overall I never bring exes up in life anymore and don’t keep photos or anything like that.


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