Follow Friday!

I’ve been getting some new readers lately and I wanted to give everyone a chance to network so feel free to comment your social media pages!

I’ve also been wondering if I should make an Instagram for the blog/poetry, do most of you have separate instagrams?

Thanks for all the support, this blogging community is amazing!

Happy Friday!


  1. Awesome! Thanks for letting us share! I blog about lifestyle at
    And my Instagram is @jenslifeandstyleblog 😘
    See you all there!


  2. Would love anyone going through heart break, or anyone lost and confused about where to go in life to check out my blog! I love connecting with others who can give advice or relate to some of the struggles I’ve been going through! Follow if you feel alone and need a place to discover yourself or just need a friend ❤

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  3. You can follow me on Twitter where I mostly share my blog it’s: @miiesche and my instagram is mainly private stuff but I don’t mind followers it’s noemiekls


  4. My blog is about poetry, mostly confessional, dark, modern, existential poetry! This is a great idea, I added some of yous! Feel free to add me on WordPress or on IG: @daplathsdivastate / Twitter: @DivaStatepoetess


    Just preaching the honest truth about mother hood 🙂 or trying to do so! Please be kind it’s a new blog, and it’s been a while since I last wrote something like this 🙂 Take care x


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