Finding Your Blog Motivation Again

You’re probably reading this because you haven’t written a new blog post in a few weeks or maybe its months. First thing you have to hear is that it happens to all of us and is totally normal! Being involved in the blogger community may seem like a double edged sword while you’re doing through your writer’s block. You’re seeing all your peers producing new content and that adds to the pressure to not fall behind.

The positive side though is seeing how many of your fellow bloggers are also going through their own dry spell. This helps you feel less alone and relieves the pressure by normalizing your situation. Feel free to reach out to those you relate to and connect, feeling support could put you in the writing mood.

As I mentioned earlier, if you stay involved in the community you’ll be exposed to new content from other bloggers. Since you’re not writing you’ll have extra free time for reading! See what’s currently trending in the blogger world! You can also search Newspapers, Magazines, and google keywords in your niche to try and find a spark. (Of course, don’t copy anyone’s work that doesn’t solve anything).

Some bloggers would suggest taking a break from the community. Take some time off from social media and focus back in on your life. We draw a lot of our inspiration from life experiences but if you’re not out there living then you could run low on material. A conversation with friend or relative could give you a new perspective a topic you might have been stuck on.  

While you’re taking a social media break, try to find inspiration in other art forms. Go to a concert or see a play, or maybe you’re also a creator in a another format such as painting or a fictional writer. None of these things have to do with your blog or niche, they’re just ways to light that fire inside of you again.  

Lastly, it’s nice to look at your old posts, see what used to inspire you and remind you of how far you’ve come and what you’ve been able to create. Remind yourself of why you started blogging in the first place and the fresh hope you had back then.

PS this is my first post since my writer’s block! You can even make your lack of a writing your way back into writing!


  1. These are great tips and I’m glad I came across this on my feed. My motivation is slowly coming back but when it leaves it leaves for so long and I never seem to know how to handle it! Great post!


  2. I’ve been down this road before. I took two weeks off (not very long) but I find blog topics in visuals. I always have. So I simply need to wind-down, and go out into the world and capture images in my mind that represent what my blog is about.. and boom (topics). I also use internet images to give me topics. We all have to find our inspiration however we can. Sometimes that means taking weeks (or months) off to recalibrate. Also, sometimes you just get burnt out. In those cases, you gotta take some time away.


    1. Yeah it’s important to pace yourself and try to not burn out so short breaks are helpful. It’s great you’ve found a way that you know will inspire you!


  3. I find being in the blogging community helps a lot with my writers block, it keeps me motivated. Glad you managed to give yours the boot with this blog post!


    1. For me it almost started getting stressful seeing others in the community with new content and being so reminded that i was falling behind. The community is great though


  4. You share some great tips in this post! I think that writers block arises when we’re waiting for inspiration.

    Over time I have noticed that inspiration mainly came to me from simply starting to write, no matter how bad it seemed in the beginning.

    Just my 2 cents☺



    1. You’re right it’s definitely better to go after that motivation instead of waiting around for the timing to get better


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