Cracked Open Available Next Week!

Cracked Open, my first poetry collection will be available next Friday, April 20th!

Preorder your Kindle version here!


Take a look at my Timeline for putting my book together:

January 11 – I officially decided to publish my poetry collection!! (after months and years of wondering if I could really do something like this)

Feb 5 – I hired my first illustrator

Feb 11th – I hired my second illustrator

Feb 24th – Exclusive Illustrations completed

March 5th – I completed the 20 exclusive poems for Cracked Open

March 14th – publicly announced poetry collection – began marketing Cracked Open

March 18th – submitted complete draft for review

March 29th – ordered physical proof for final edit/review

April  1st – Instagram Cracked Open promoting

April 20th – launch date!!


A more in-depth step by step article will be posted in the near future!

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