25 Things to do Before Turning 25

April is my birthday month and I’ve just turned 24 so I wanted to write about all the things I want to do in the next year before I’m a quarter of a century old! 

  1. Go on a caribbean trip
  2. Figure out how all this self hosting works (how can I find my view sessions?! lol)
  3. Breakeven on my self hosting investment
  4. Sell 100 copies of my debut poetry collection Cracked Open in its first 6 months
  5. Go hiking regularly in the warm weather
  6. Advance my career
  7. Write 125 new poems
  8. Create some healthy eating habits
  9. Be more active with my dog
  10. Go kayaking
  11. Go to a concert
  12. Publish 200 new posts
  13. Dye my hair a new color
  14. Start organizing for my next poetry collection
  15. Surprise my boyfriend (no more details incase he reads this)
  16. Grow Blog and Twitter following immensely (hard to put a number on it right now)
  17. Get another tattoo
  18. Attend a sporting event
  19. Have half of the finances needed to buy a house
  20. Visit another state
  21. Visit 20 new places
  22. Go to the golf range more often
  23. Go on a boat ride
  24. Get stronger so I can start seeing my chiropractor less
  25. Have some adventures this summer – fun and carefree!

Do you have any goals you want to achieve before your next birthday?


  1. What a great list! And Happy birthday. I’m celebrating mine in May and I will be HALF a century old and will definitely add some of your ideas to my own list. I specifically like go hiking, go kayaking, write more…and I’ll add: finish my Girl Rebuilt book, get back to Utah, advance my career, buy a vacation home in Spain! Good luck with your list. 🙂


      1. In the final stages of editing! Here’s a teaser: “On her 39th birthday, after rereading 25 years’ worth of her personal journals the creator of the popular blogs The Lovely Addict and Girl Rebuilt, realized a horrifying truth. The only thing she ever wrote about was her romantic relationships. Worse yet, they weren’t even romantic. In fact, by flipping through yellowed pages of tortured handwritten ruminations she learned that she easily devoted 10,000 hours to becoming an expert in dating fails. While that was one of many “wake-up calls” the brick wall that finally crashed down came when the love of her life dumped her so he could go back to smoking pot (true story).

        At nearly forty, divorced, alone and desperate to fill her journal with more substance than “I really miss Charlie; I don’t know why we ever broke up…”, she set out to stop repeating toxic dating patterns that no self-help book had ever been able to help her accomplish.

        Part self-help, part memoir, Girl Rebuilt is a guide to love, dating and the lessons you need to learn to quit obsessing over men. This book is written for anyone who feels they’re settling for scraps, waiting around for Mr. Unavailable or building an entire life on dead-end dates….”


  2. This is an awesome list! It’s so cool you’re coming out with a poetry book 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 that’s awesome! I intend to write a LOT more in the next year. Gonna get me a laptop very soon. I haven’t gone self hosted yet, did you do it through WordPress?


  3. It’s déjà vu all over again! W-a-a-a-y back when, I was driving to work and Neil Young’s “Old Man” song was playing on the radio. A phrase about him being “24 an there’s so much more” made me think: In just a few months I’ll turn 24, and then I’ll only be a year away from being a QUARTER-CENTURY OLD! YIKES!, I remember thinking. Well now, In a few more years (not saying how many!) I’ll be pushing THREE-QUARTERS OF A CENTURY OLD! YIKES AGAIN!

    Thanks for an interesting post, Megan, and cherish every day or your youth as much as you can. Time does have a way of flying by! 🙂



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