Signs You Know the Relationship is Over

Everything they do annoys you.

Those little habits you used to find so adorable are suddenly the bane of your existence. They way they talk, how they’re always late, and if have to pick up one more sock off the floor you’re going to lose it!



You want to spend less time with them.

Because they annoy you so much you want to spend less time around those irritating habits. You feel you need space to breathe and decompress. You dedicated so much time into the relationship and now you want to nourish your other friendships so that you can handle the loss of the relationship better. You might be hoping that this time apart will make you miss them and appreciate them.


You stop being intimate

When someone is irritating you and you’re not feeling the love then you most likely don’t want to be affectionate. You want to get far away from them, cuddling makes you want to scream, and you fake headaches and the like to get out of bedroom activities.


You’ve been having doubts for weeks and months.

All relationships go through ebbs and flows but if you’ve been stuck in this rut for an extended period of time then maybe the relationship has run its course. The love isn’t there anymore and perhaps neither of you are really willing to work on bringing it back. You don’t know how much long you can continue to live in this unhappy state.


You’re debating if you should stay with them or not

If you’ve started considering it then this is probably the end. The debate is telling you what you might not be fully ready to hear yet. If you were truly happy and committed to the relationship, this thought would probably never cross your mind. You’re already starting to mentally check out of the relationship.


You stop imagining a future with them & start thinking about your life without them.

You’re less interested in the future plans and trips the two of you made. You stop considering them as a factor of your future career, living situation, and family life. Thinking about the relationship being over gives you instant relief. You want to be sure you’d be making the right choice so you imagine being able to live without them. You think about how you’ll get back into the dating game and how you’ll occupy your new found free time.You’re already thinking of the next step instead of trying to solve issues in the relationship anymore.



  1. I absolutely love this a la Ann Landers reboot post! Sadly, I too have to raise my hand. Have ended far too many what started out with a bang relationships. But as long as there is life there is hope..right!


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