My Interview on Sakura Publishing!

I was recently interviewed on Sakura Publishing! – full interview here


Your poetry collection, Cracked Open, has recently been published. What was its genesis?

I started a blog Debatably Dateable two years ago that is a mix between my poetry and dating related articles. Nearly all my poetry is about love and relationships so the two mix well. Cracked Open was born from that blog and heavily follows my own dating history craving a journey from failed love to a deep and healthy love. I had planned on my first collection being something else but Cracked Open had already begun to wite itself.

 Is there a second book in the works? What do you find most influences your current writing?

 There was a second book in the works as soon as I had categorized my current poems for my first collection. I found some common themes and keep them in mind when writing new poetry in order to complete my next book. I’ve also begun thinking of some non poetry book ideas as well that will hopefully come to fruition in the future. I’ve always loved Love which heavily influences the topic of my poems. I also have a big hang up on honesty so I try to always share my work even if it is sad, embarrassing, or hard to hear.

Get your copy of Cracked Open here

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 10.29.21 PM


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