Check in on my 25 before 25 List

It’s six months till I’ll be 25 so I figured I’d check in on my list of 25 before 25.


1. Go on a caribbean trip

I’ve finally booked a trip for February!


2. Figure out how all this self hosting works (how can I find my view sessions?! lol)

It’s a work in progress.


3. Breakeven on my self hosting investment

That is definitely not happening lol


4. Sell 100 copies of my debut poetry collection Cracked Open in its first 6 months

haha definitely not… but I have made over $100 so I’ll take what I can get


5. Go hiking regularly in the warm weather

I didn’t get out much as I wanted it


6. Advance my career

Still hoping to


7. Write 125 new poems

I’m at about 50 so I’ll probably only get to 100


8. Create some healthy eating habits

Some weeks I do, some weeks I don’t


9. Be more active with my dog

Definitely taking my dog on more walks


10. Go kayaking

Didn’t get to it this summer


11. Go to a concert

I didn’t this summer but who knows with the holidays


12. Publish 200 new posts

I post 3 times a week and with 52 weeks in year, I’ll be about 50 short. (should have done some better math before making this goal lol)


13. Dye my hair a new color

Indeed I did! It’s blonde now


14. Start organizing for my next poetry collection

You know it! I have over a 100 poems ready for this one.


15. Surprise my boyfriend (no more details incase he reads this)

I surprised him with a dinner cruise for our 1 year anniversary!


16. Grow Blog and Twitter following immensely (hard to put a number on it right now)

I’ve been working hard at this one!


17. Get another tattoo

I’m not in a rush and I’m still thinking about what I might want


18. Attend a sporting event

My boyfriend took me to a baseball game.


19. Have half of the finances needed to buy a house

I think I’ll reach this goal


20. Visit another state

I think I will be, still working out the details


21. Visit 20 new places

I’ve been to quite a few new restaurants and local attractions.


22. Go to the golf range more often

Nah didn’t happen


23. Go on a boat ride

You bet I did!


24. Get stronger so I can start seeing my chiropractor less

I am seeing the doctor less


25. Have some adventures this summer – fun and carefree!

I definitely got to do some new things and see some new places!


So I’ve got 10 done already and 4 that I didn’t get the chance to. I think I’ll get another 5 in the next few months but the rest we’ll just have to wait and see.


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