Interview with Poet Emily Jane Burton – Installment 1

I’m so excited to have the first installment of Poet Interview Project be Emily poet of From This, I Bloom. I read her chapbook months ago and instantly went to her Goodreads page to write this review:

This might be my favorite poetry book I own! The trouble with Chapbooks is, you’re always left wanting more! I love the variety of topics that were included in this collection from family, dealing with losing someone, and finding strength within yourself. I was happy that these poems have titles since not all poetry books do that and I enjoyed the variety of how the poems were placed on the page. This poet also created great imagery and had me using all of my senses. I would definitely buy this poet’s next collection.

How long have you been writing poetry?

              If you consider songwriting as a form of poetry, then I’ve been writing poetry since I was around nine years old. Back then my songs were only lyrics with no instruments other than my voice, so basically they were poems I sang. I think that’s why I went back to my foundation and created poem-songs.

True poetry writing started in high school. I was angsty and needed an escape. I lost touch with my violin when I moved to a new school without an Orchestra. (Yes, it’s still appalling to think about. Bring music back to schools!) My poetry was rather sad and about how lost I felt, and of course, about heartbreak. In high school, I was also introduced to guitar, my replacement for violin. Songwriting took over my life more than before; however, poetry was always there. I got serious about poetry only a few years ago. It was something I always found my way back to.


What made you decide to publish your work?

             Writing is a passion of mine, but it’s also a necessity. I have to create, write, do something for my own sanity. I needed to get my heart out of my own chest and leave it there for everyone to see. I did it for myself, but also for many others. It’s a journey we all experience at some point in our lives.

We all experience doubt, fear, and love. We all will grow and find who we truly are. The stories are mine and yours. I have always craved connecting with the world. I was super shy growing up, but art helped me come out of my shell. I published my work for myself, to know I could actually do it. But I also did it to make an impact and help others who have ever felt the same way.

What are poem-songs and how are they different from ordinary songs?

            I decided to combine my two favorite forms of art: music and poetry. After I write a poem, it may or may not become a poem-song. The style matters and the inspiration has to strike. Some poems need to be read aloud, some need to be read silently, and some have emotions that need new outlets. I create these new outlets to heighten the emotions and thoughts of the poem for readers (and listeners, in this case).

I know every poem needs to be viewed in its own way. Poem-songs are different from other songs because they are short and lyrically-driven with a story behind them. Yes, this is the case for some songs, but it is most definitely the case for every poem-song. Each poem-song was once just a poem on a page that I brought even more to life through music.


You mention using a publishing company for your next collection instead of self publishing, what are your thoughts there?

            Self-publishing is a great opportunity for new and established writers. I liked the fact that I had control over everything, and my vision for my work was all that mattered. I learned a lot about the publishing process and how much work goes into publishing a book, even a small book of poetry.

However, there’s more work once the book is published. Marketing and finding people who are interested in what I do is the hardest part for me. Publishing companies have way more resources than I do. My hope is to one day be published by Andrews McMeel Publishing. I love all of their authors, and the company is located in Kansas City, where I live. I’m so close. High hopes.


Will your second book have a theme? Any details for readers now?

          I am currently still drafting my second book. I don’t have a specific theme right now, but I usually just see where the poems take me. I currently don’t have a publication date set, but look for it in 2019-2020.


Emily, it was an absolute pleasure to get to know you better and incase any readers here today would like to get to know Emily better you can follow her here:

Instagram // Twitter // Website // WordPress // Goodreads // Amazon





  1. I enjoyed reading this interview. I have a full-length book of poetry coming out this summer by DLD Books.
    It is a collection of 70 poems called, _Star Signs: New & Selected Poems_
    I also have a chapbook coming out this summer by Finishing Line Press. This is a collection of 30 wintry-themed poems which I titled, _first snow_
    I love meeting other poets and reading your interviews. I love collecting chapbooks – to me they are a work of art. Little treasures. I wish you good fortune and many more books & chapbooks to be published in the years ahead in your writing life.


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