Social Saturday!!

I know most bloggers probably went into the New Year will goals for their blogs. I have to imagine a lot of those goals included increasing engagement and view/follow numbers so I figured I’d try to help out!

Please leave any and all social links in the comments and check other comments to connect with other bloggers!


I’d love to connect with you all as well on my pages so take a look! Thank you all for the support!






Have a great weekend!!! ā¤


  1. Hi! Great idea! I don’t really use any other social networking sites to promote my blog but anyone reading this is free to check out my blog…
    Happy social Saturday! šŸ˜Š


  2. Good plan. Of course my blogging objective is to set up a new site which better reflects where my blogging is going. It should be a fun light hearted take on life. Perhaps when it is done I will repost here for suggestions on how to make the site look good

    In the meantime if anyone wants to comment on things they do / do not like in my more recent posts then that will help me get the content right


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