Is your guy relationship material?

You’ve been seeing this guy for a few weeks or months and things are going great! You’re hanging out together regularly and you’ve talked about the relationship progressing from exclusive to fully committed and official. There are some telltale signs to show that you’re guy is really ready and good relationship material.



He’s communicating about his feelings and thoughts, your feelings or thoughts, or just about the weekend plans together. He’s asking about your day and filling you in on his.


Makes Plans for the Future

He’s looking past just the next few days with you and plans into the future. He’s thinking about concerts, festivals, and gatherings with close ones that are weeks and months into the future. He sees you in that future, not just a present short term relationship.


He Factors you into his Future

When he’s thinking about his future he’s including you and considering how it will work for the two of you together. This may come a bit further along but when considering school, work, or big financial decisions, he’s factoring in how it will affect the relationship and how to make the future work cohesively.


Improving Himself

He’s improving himself for his future and himself with your support and motivation. He wants to make sure he’s the man you want.


He tries to connect with your friends and family

He knows your friends and family are an important part of your life and he wants work on integrating himself into your social world. The relationship doesn’t need the added pressure of your friends or family not approving of him so he’ll work to make sure that doesn’t happen.



  1. This could all be a front. I’m skeptical perhaps to dark to believe men do any of this stuff. They say the words,yet never even try


    1. Applies to girls as well! I guess she wasn’t girlfriend material after all. As you say, she said the words, but never even tried to prove them.

      I could have done with this checklist before she broke my heart huh.


    2. I think if we have been hurt by a partner in past relationships, many of us come away at least with a useful lesson: Watch what they do, not just what they say.

      A partner’s behavior will be a much better indicator of their true intentions and their vision for your future. This includes even their own subconscious intentions and motives that he/she may not even be aware of.

      Hearing the word Love a lot in a relationship may make us feel better, but our culture of self-gratification and self-interested Love has diluted the true meaning of the word, which really should only be used when we genuinely and freely express selfless, unconditional Love without any expectation of reciprocation. IF that is what you experience from a partner, then the word Love actually means what it is really meant to convey, not just something we say to each other because we see couples say it in movies or because our culture expects us to say it. Other than that, I would strongly pay attention to whether they refer to issues, interests, experiences and belongings primarily using “we,” “us,” or “our,” instead of only “me” or “you.”


  2. This seems normal, but in my case, I had every single one of those things happening after a 2-3 month thing… except meeting my family. However, I met some of his. And then he ghosted me forever without any explanation.


    1. thats a great thought, I might see what I can come up with – some things here apply to both genders I’d say


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