1. I have officially read my first poem on WordPress! I have several thoughts at once:

    • Wow, this hits hard. A tragic heartbreak and its lingering pain…
    • Written in 2011?! I don’t think I even started writing poetry until 2012.
    — May I ask how long you’ve been writing poetry?
    • The meter is a little off and the third person switches to first. Is this the raw, unedited version of the poem? It looks sort of like my own poetry when I first get it onto the page.
    — I’ve no qualms with poetry as such. In fact, editing my own poetry for publication is by far the hardest, most painful thing I’ve ever done in writing.

    Cheers! I want to make some time to read more of your work soon.
    ~ Adeline


    1. I probably started writing poetry back in 2006 or 07. This is two sections of one longer poem which is why it switches from third person. Plus I hate editing. Thanks for the in-depth comment!


      1. Thank you for sharing 🙂 I hope to pick your brain as I read more of your work. I’ll try not to be too wordy!


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