Where I Ache Cover Reveal!!

It’s time to reveal Where I Ache’s cover!!!!

I really wanted the cover to be bright and sunny, a contrast from the heavy content inside. But I spent some time looking into various designs from Amazon’s Cover Creator and this just really spoke to me.


Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 9.36.28 PM.png


Full cover to include blurb:

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 10.16.47 PM.png

What do you guys think? Is the blurb not insightful? Should I get rid of the Author’s photo?


  1. Megan, best wishes with the book. Many aspiring writers dream of doing what you have accomplished. The book cover looks great, and the blurb about the background behind the book sets the table. As a reader, I enjoy getting to know something about the writer.


  2. I love it. Before the full photo, I actually thought the mountain was a roiling ocean wave. Interesting how it seemed to change with both halves together.

    The misty greyscale tones do well to convey the ominous, nebulous nature of a heart in turmoil.

    ~ Adeline


  3. In the first paragraph of the blurb, shouldn’t futures be features (This collection futures content…)? I like the picture on the back, it breaks up the monochrome base of the color. I also like the cover as a whole, as the mountain/volcano gives off a sense of longing that comes from the places where one might ache.


  4. I’m just really loving the title. Everyone can relate to hiding those places where they keep their hurt. Keep the blurb and keep the photo. I think it helps to relate to someone when you can “see” who is writing. I think you meant to type ” This collection features* content…” Your writing is too insightful to be autocorrected incorrectly 🙂


  5. I think it’s beautiful….. I feel the mountain really pulls the attention to the title, and maybe to something more about the book too…. Nice one…. And congratulations!


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