What Beta Readers Taught Me

Beta readers have been one of the greatest parts of my current publication process. Different readers catch different mistakes and have different opinions on specific questions I was asking.



First and most obvious, they caught all my grammatical errors, correct verb tenses, and classic mistakes like loose vs lose.



I decided to draw some doodles instead of commissioning an illustrator this time around. I am of course not a talented artist so I wanted to get some feedback on if they added anything to the collection or should just be deleted. The first few readers didn’t seem to be a big fan of the doodles and I waived on the decision. Then I received a review from someone who did like them and it just felt so right! I realized I wanted to keep them all along and was just waiting for 1 yes.


Being Bold

I was playing with bold and italics on the page this collection and wanted the beta readers’ input since I wasn’t sure how the audience would feel about it. Then I got a response that suggested keeping the italics but ditching the bold and honestly it was exactly how I felt as I was initially working on the collection. The bold felt forced and I was glad to cut down on them.

Honestly, beta readers helped me stay true to myself. Even with mixed reviews, my gut instantly recognized the decisions I felt were right.



This marketing period is much longer than my first publication and honestly it’s very scary. The wait makes me lose my nerve. But beta readers have offered me glowing support to boost my confidence.


I can’t thank my beta readers enough for their insight and for their help in making this next collection amazing!!



  1. I can definitely use me some readers. I am through my own editing process of my first three installments of an eight-book series, and though I think the story is good I have no idea if it resonates with anyone else.


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