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Tell us a little bit about your books

My first book focused on a journey of love lost then found. Not all poems are happy, as not all of love is. I hope each reader can find comfort and strength to continue on their own journey of love.

Where I Ache focuses on various aspects of mental health such as depression and self esteem. Mental health can be such a delicate topic and often gets avoided because of that. I knew I wanted to publish this collection so that the readers could be their own little community of support and unity.


What, for you, is the best thing about being a writer?

The best is probably when you’ve created something better than you ever thought you could. A few poems really wow me with some impressive lines of creativity. It’s also so special when a reader connects with a poem and you’ve helped them articulate exactly what they’ve been feeling inside.


read the whole interview here at My Random Musings – Author Interview

and buy your copy of Where I Ache here !


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