2019 Goal Check In

I wrote some goals for 2019 back in December and I wanted to check now that we’re at the half way mark for the year (whhhhatttt?!?!?!?)


Goals for the first six months of 2019

Goals have to be measurable in order to know if you’ve reached them or not. Although I’m not happy to focus so heavily on numbers, it is an easy way to measure a goal. My goal is to increase my audience and have a successful poetry career. These numbers will help me keep track of those goals.


The Blog

Work on writing a media kit

Contact companies for sponsorship (and actually get one!)

Gain another 1,000 followers


Update: I’ve looked into some samples of media kits but I still don’t think my stats would stand out enough for it to make sense to create one just yet.

I’ve joined some other affiliation programs that I’ve been working on instead of doing any sponsored posts yet. There are some programs that have tougher qualifications so I still need to work on my stats. I am making a small bit of money from google Adsense so it’s great to see me recovering some of my self hosting spendings.

Debatably Dateable has gained over 1,770 followers since December and I couldn’t be happier! I love love love watching this blog grow! I hope to get another thousand in these next 6 months!


Cracked Open

Between GoodReads and Amazon, have 20 reviews

Get 25 more books sold


The Update: I have 18 reviews so I can’t be too upset there but I did not even get close to selling 25 more books so that stings a little. I don’t see these numbers getting much higher as the year goes on. I’m not sure how to help boost sales as the book continues to age.


Social Media

Twitter – gain 2,000 followers

Instagram– gain 1,000 followers


The Update: For Twitter I only gained 1,270 so far but feel free to come check out what I talk about there! Oddly enough, for Instagram I’ve gained over 2,125 followers so it looks like I got my goals switched around! I hope to get to the 2k+ on Twitter in the Fall.


Next Poetry Collection – Where I Ache!

I want to add 50 exclusive poems to my next collection before I work on publishing it

Have 10 reviews before release date

Sell twice as many as Cracked Open (over the course of the year)


The Update: I have 55 exclusive poems! I am absolutely ecstatic about that! Cracked Open had 20 illustrations and Where I Ache has somewhere around 35 so I’m also pumped about that!

Where I Ache was only released 2 weeks ago and there’s already 14 reviews on Goodreads so I’m very happy about that! Definitely check them out!

I’m only 2 weeks in of course but I’m already even with Cracked Open’s first month of book sales so that’s a good start for me!



Because I don’t want to solely focus on numbers, here are some


Non numerical goals:

Connect with new readers who resonate with my poetry.

Have my poetry help someone through a difficult time.

Have a company see value in my writing.

Keep a healthy number of articles in queue.


The Update: I’ve definitely found new readers and also fellow poets through my Poet Interview Series! I’ve been so lucky to connect with new readers who were interested in reviewing Where I Ache and many have said the sensitive topics covered in the collection have helped them remember they are not alone.

I haven’t really pursued this one aside from submitting Where I Ache to one of the major publishing companies. I’m not sure that I will do much for the rest of the year for this.

I have over 30 posts in queue for the past several months and it is amazinggggg! (knock on wood)


Thanks for checking in with me! I can’t wait to see where I end up this coming December! How are your blog goals coming along?


  1. You are a huge inspiration- glad I found you! I’m always thankful when someone lays out their road map for success, look forward to following!


  2. I am glad you are reaching some of your goals. Over time more will be achieved. Congrats on everything good!


  3. Really amazing goals! I definitely need to adopt some of your techniques!

    I have also been researching self publishing books. I am finding that the most successful writers advertise through social media. They actually pay to have ads displayed on the site. Do you have any experience with that?


    1. I’ve done a sponsored post or two and while it does get more traffic, i haven’t seen it result in sales


  4. Hello, I think it’s great that you’ve been writing a lot of trying to get your work out there.

    Here’s a few suggestions for getting more followers and connect to your readers:

    1) Perhaps you can have an online activity where you randomly pick a reader who has written a review for you and write a review or your thoughts for one of their poems in return.

    When I used to have an art portfolio, I joined a few groups to help review and critique artwork of other members (no time limit or fixed number of artworks, I can do it during my free time and choose which ones I want to review) as well as the person I’m mentoring over a few months. I would also suggest online resources that may help/inspire them them and different ways to improve their artwork, like imagining different versions of the scene. I think it also helped me get out of my comfort zone and try to see things from different perspectives, so I also grew as an artist.

    I used to write a lot of reviews. Initially, for every 10 reviews, maybe 2-3 people may reply but I just continued doing it every week for years and the number of people checking out my work increased.

    2) Reading blogs on different subjects and writing some thoughtful comments or suggestions if they ask for suggestions.

    Perhaps you can set aside a short period of time, eg 30 minutes a week and try it.

    Some people appreciate it and would take the time to read your blog in return even if they are not into poetry or dating subjects. I think this may help to reach out to different audiences not just as a writer but as a nice person. People generally like to connect with others because they think they’re nice, it’s just a very human thing.

    Anne McCaffrey, a famous science fiction writer, is well known for that, which made her a successful author in a time where not many people write science fiction, especially futuristic science fiction that involves dragons which is usually a fantasy subject. It was not easy although she was a good writer.

    There are some people I follow on Instagram that have became my friends over time even though we do different things and I have to use google translate to understand what they’re writing. We may play different genres of music or bake different things. But I would ask questions, just drop a ‘happy birthday’ or ‘happy anniversary’ message in simple English as well when I see them celebrating it. I just write to them like how I would speak to a friend.

    3) Reading biographies of different writers and see what you can learn from them. Even if they were successful during an era where social media didn’t exist, they may have some endearing qualities which really make them shine. It’s probably harder for them to get their work out there because there was no wordpress.com to share it, they had to do it manually.

    I believe it’s possible to reach out to many people who like what you write and you , for what you are. Such as those readers who find comfort in your words


    1. These are great suggestions, i see value in every one. Thank you for taking the time to type this all out, you could definitely write your own article on this topic! I’d have to really devote my time, but you’re right over the months and years I’d start seeing some love getting sent back my way.


      1. You’re welcome.

        Perhaps approaching those small bookstores that have a thoughtful selection of books may also help you get your work out there. You can have a chat with the owner and also ask things like how they choose the books to sell, what kind of books their readers like to read, request for feedback. Some store owners are very supportive of local writers so they may be happy to help and give advice, even if you’re just asking for feedback and prefer selling online.

        My mother also bought some nice poetry books for me from creative markets. The people there are usually friendly and I met some people who helped me along the way when I set up my art booth there for 1-2 days over the weekend.


  5. 30 Posts in queue! Holly molly. I’m jealous. I’m trying to work on building some up myself but whenever I have something special I get the overwhelming urge to share it right away 😂. Congratulations on all of your success. There are so many questions I’d love to ask you.


  6. Thanks for checking out my website/blog. I’m glad you found something there that’s encouraging! It looks like you’re doing a great job on your goals. Good for you to write and review them! You’re miles ahead of many. I wish you all the best in your writing. I’d say you have a fresh style that shows a life of initiative and innocence. I mean innocence in the best way – like a pure, untouched breath of spring air. 😉


  7. Congratulations on what you have achieved thus far on your blog and your writing!! I just started out in September of 2018 with my blog and it has done wonders for alot of people. I have a challenge of my own I am trying to accomplish, I want to reach 500 subscribers by my one-year anniversary in September-which is less than 2 months from now. I see you have a significant following and I wanted to know what I can do to improve my following? I am at 140 and counting. My blog is MMMoffamilyentertainment.com. Thanks in advance. I wish you good luck with the second half of the year on reaching your goals. Stay Positive!!


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