Blog Tour Author Spotlight by Morgan Hazelwood

Name one commonly accepted piece of writing advice that doesn’t work for you.

Read other poets.

One piece of advice I’ve been told is to read a lot of other poetry to become a better poet and that just hasn’t held any value or truth for me. For one, I fear I’ll end up nearly plagiarizing another poet on a subconscious level. And secondly, I just end up judging their poems as a reader rather than drawing inspiration for it.

Definitely a tricky thing, especially with poetry. It’s hard to know what might inspire you.


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  1. I understand your thoughts on that. I try to write poetry on occasion, but it doesn’t seem to be my strong point in writing, yet I’ll still come up with something sometimes that makes me sit back and ask myself did I write that? I have refrained from studying other people’s poetry. It comes from their heart and I realize what I write has to come from my own.


  2. I can concur with this sentiment. When I first started writing poetry I didn’t even like poetry. At least, the poetry that had been presented to me as a youth. Perhaps, it was more the idea of what poetry was supposed to be like according to other people that I didn’t like. When I read other poet’s work I’m not typically looking for inspiration. In fact, it’s actually quite rare that I feel inspired by other people’s work. I appreciate their work, time, heart and effort put into it. I appreciate the beauty of words and how a poet molds and forms these words into a new creation, and I always appreciate a good message.


  3. Getting inspired by other’s work is rare but analysing their work certainly helps is what i have learned in my early years of writing poems.


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