Interview with Poet Kate – Installment 9

Today we’re lucky to interview Kate from the Philippines! I’m always so excited when this blog gets to travel internationally! Kate’s been writing poetry for a number of years now, honing her craft during her college days. She is an artist that enjoys art in many forms including reading and music. Let’s here from Kate now!

What’s your perfect setting for writing?

I do not have a perfect setting for writing. Most of my works are out of  “spur of the moment”. Like, for example, ‘Poems About Love’ series were written when I was about to go home from work, or sitting in the couch at home while watching Nat Geo. It naturally comes to me, and sometimes it doesn’t. I get writer’s block, too, and when the creative juices come back, I take advantage of what kind of theme or topic that I will be writing. That’s how I write, I think.


Is there a recurring theme you communicate through your art?

The recurring theme of my art is about love, and not just romantic love, but all aspects of love. Although that is the case, views and likes that my blog receive are for the posts that are about romantic love. That is why I put more focus on it than most of the other aspects. I heed the “pulse” of the readers.


When did you first consider yourself a writer?

I first considered myself as a writer when I started writing poems during my college days. I had a lot of poems that were lost in time. Some poems and stories were about my friends in relation to their experience in love, and sometimes, based on my own, too. Like, if you have read ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’, I know that at first look, it’s a title of a song, but it’s about my heartbreak from the person whom I considered my ‘sunshine’. The titles are generally connected to the content, and I highlight the significance of the title to my poetry.


What did it feel like the first time someone else read your work?

I feel happy, of course! Most people that I know do not appreciate the works that I have written. They find it cheesy or just not in their liking. But when I am told that it’s good, it fuels me to write even more. It drives me to be more passionate to write for the appreciative reader/s that I have.


If you want to hear more from Kate you can check her out on





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