Where to Focus to Gain Site Traffic

There is a ton of advice out there for how to gain traffic to your site. There are many ways to do it and the same way won’t work for everyone. The only advice I think I’m going to give you is this:

Don’t try to be a jack of all trades, but a queen of one. You’ll end up spreading yourself too thin and not maximizing any of the venues.


From here I’m just going to talk about what I’ve been up to, where I’ve been going wrong, and what I plan to do from here. The top 4 social media apps are Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram. I really don’t have any data with Instagram so I’m not going to mention it. It’s lumped together in my ‘other’ percentage because it’s so low, a mere 1%.  

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.07.32 PM

Percentages from the “Referrer” stat section of my blog


Twitter – 2%

I was involved in the blogging community on Twitter first I think. It was great for connecting with bloggers and relating to their struggles. I put a lot of time and effort into growing my presence and following on Twitter. Twitter is where I announce my new books and blog posts. I liked the platform and I understood it. 


2 years later and I think this is the first time I’m actually checking the stats for where my traffic is coming from. I’m very surprised to realize I’ve been wasting all this time meanwhile Twitter is the 6th referrer by a large margin. I’m going to redirect most of my time to Pinterest and see if it makes a difference.


Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.09.46 PM

Facebook – 4%

I have not taken the leap to making a blog or author page on Facebook and I don’t think I will. I get decent traffic from Facebook groups but I don’t really feel it’s organic so I don’t think that’s where I want to grow. Well organized groups will have specific posting on specific days to promote your blog or social media with either likes, comments, or follows. To ensure no one is taken advantage you’ll usually have 2 days to check out everyone else’s site so traffic is pretty immediate. 


Pinterest – 8%

I’ve heard Pinterest is a gradual build with traffic but it is long lasting once you get there. A pin has a month long lifespan while posts from Twitter or Facebook are mere hours. This might explain why Pinterest, which I haven’t used since March, is still my second highest referrer. That’s right, I didn’t use Pinterest for over 5 months but it close to doubles Facebook’s traffic which is next in line. I don’t use Facebook every month either but I think Facebook works more as ‘out of sight, out of mind’.


Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 9.24.02 PM

screenshot of Tailwind dashboard


Pinterest is pretty hard for me to grasp though. It took me a while to get the hang of creating my own pins. It’s a lot of work in the beginning between finding group boards to join, creating all your pins and boards, and setting up your advance scheduling with tools such as Tailwind. Tailwind has a free month trial and then you’d pay $120 for a year membership. You can schedule hundreds of pins weeks in advance and you can also join Tailwind tribes. 


Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 9.21.32 PM

screenshot of canva workshop


I had a membership last year but I was still figuring out how to use Canva to create pin graphics and the whole scheduling process took so long for me. It was exhausting, frustrating, and there were many weeks when I just did not have time for it. I knew it was time to cancel my membership and regroup.


Months later now, I’ve found this data and decided I need to give Pinterest another chance. Luckily, I’m still in the same groups but I will be looking into joining more which will be time consuming. I already made 21 new pins over the past few weeks so now I feel ready to get back into it and not feel like I’m lagging behind. I will most likely consult people with more experience to point me in the right direction this time. 


The bullet points:

Twitter is great for feeling less alone in the blogger struggle

Facebook can bring traffic within a day or two and best for advice

Pinterest will continue to bring traffic even if you neglect it for a long time.


I’m going to make this pie graph again in 6 months and see if I’ve made any impact so make sure to check back in for that update!

Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 8.07.32 PM



  1. I think you’re spot on: I have all of my social accounts linked to my site and I get virtually no traffic from them compared to what I get from the WP reader. I have seen Instagram used successfully but you really have to grind it out on that app, adding and communicating with people daily, sort of like you have to do here. I don’t have the time to do that on two platforms!


      1. I use Twitter, Instagram and FB. I only promote the blog on Twitter and Pinterest. Instagram drives traffic to my You Tube channel. FB I can’t honestly say as I’m hit and miss posting on there. Randomly I’ll get a hit from FB to the blog. I’ve been a little stagnant on all social media this year due to some life events but I’m making an effort to post more on all platforms. Very time consuming but these days it has to be done. The analytics make interesting reading 🤔


  2. I’m definitely trying to build my site’s readership and have made some progress. I’m not worried about stats per se but I do want to get back to the figures I had before I had a dip in my productivity because of some personal struggles.

    This post has been useful as I’m going to look at where exactly my readership is coming from. Thanks!


  3. I don’t worry about it. I’ve always believed the best way to build is through relations and interesting posts. Get to know people, establish relationships, connect with their blogs and their lives and you will grow.

    Nothing beats a positive influence and a consistent blog. Don’t worry about all that other stuff.


  4. This is very interesting. I use to blog then stopped then told myself I got to then once again stopped. I put so much effort in Instagram and now trying Facebook…. 😩. I even have Pinterest and leave that last to even post or share on there.. Now back to blogging 😆. Thank you for sharing this it really gives me insight and helps me focus. I need to focus on what works for me and Facebook really wasn’t one i only got one because i was told i need it🤨


  5. Interesting discussion! I have always avoided other social media platforms. Others find great value from participating in one or several. My focus remains on my writing and establishing relationships here on WP. Thanks for sharing and encouraging others to evaluate their use of different means to increase site traffic.


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