Both Liars

I wrote such sweet and loving words for you

But if I’m honest baby 

I’m not sure I believe them

My love for you is so volatile

One week I can’t get enough of you

The next I’m ready to slam the door on you

You’re so sure about our future

And I wonder if you’re fooling me with sweet words too.


-May 2018


  1. Love-hate relationships rarely work. Took my 37 years to figure that one out. I’m now married to the most wonderful and understanding woman who loves me unconditionally. Sorry if I bear advice that goes contrary to what you hope for.


  2. Gods! There now in my current relationship. What do you do when the only thing you have left in common with your partner is mind blowing sex? Then again, we know each other so well… what pushes our buttons. We get on each other’s nerves.
    BUT! We still fuck and play in bed like crazed otters in rut and then cling to each other through the night. I look at her and still can’t imagine being with anyone else. I’m 60. She’s 55. I look at her and still see the 21 year old woman I met all those years ago. From the first moment I saw her I wanted her. I still want her. I’ve answered my own question.


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