Interview with Poet DeVonne White – Installment 13

Today we welcome DeVonne White to the blog! We’ll explore how meditative and healing poetry can be! Poetry is an amazing way to express thoughts and work through struggles.  Let’s talk to DeVonne about how inspiring it is to write about her faith!


How has poetry strengthened your faith?

Most of the poetry I write is scripture driven. I’ll read a piece of scripture and as I meditate upon it, let it stir around in my heart and mind, a poem will make itself known. The great thing about that is I’m really taking my time with what the Word of God is saying. It has built my faith more than anything else I’ve done. More that a retreat, conference, even church. That personal time meditating on God’s word is truly faith-building.

2019 has been a very difficult year for my family, we lost both of our Dad’s within twelve weeks of one another. Mixed in with our own grief, we have been walking alongside our grieving mothers. Writing poetry, that stands on scripture, has truly brought peace to this restless mind of mine.

What is your favorite poem (or two) of yours?

My Most favorite lately is:

The Hope-Giver

He is the Hope Giver

The Hope Filler

Her Overflowing Hope


She hopes for what is unseen

Cupping her hands

Holding her cup close

She waits patiently


Drops of hope begin to fall

Her cup, once empty,

Fills with a living hope

Her eyes see, what was once unseen


The Hope Giver never stops pouring

Never stops filling

He fills her with His peace

His joy, His love

Her cup overflows


What is your daily writing routine?

I am a note taker. All through out the day I will think of words or phrases. I write them down or type a note in my phone. Then in the evening I sit with my laptop and start putting those notes together. Like piecing together a puzzle. I let that poem sit for a day or two, and then come back to it and edit. I must say, I enjoy the entire process and find myself restless when I’m not working on a project. I am happiest when creating.

If you were writing a book about your life, what would the title be?

I think it would have to be ‘Faithful’

I try my best to be faithful to the Lord and His calling on my life. That calling can look different each day. Somedays I am working on writing or storytelling projects. Other days, like recently, I’ve been caring for my Mom after a recent surgery and balancing my day job at an insurance agency.

I strive to be faithful in all things. Faithful to the Lord, to my husband, children our extended family and friends. I want to be that person who stands by her people, who is there and is present, in the big things and the small ones.

To connect with DeVonne, visit her:





  1. I love her process! I feel the same if I’m not creating, whether it be poetry or art. Something creative. Even figuring out a unique dinner! 🙂 Great post. XX


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