Whats changed on the dating apps in the past 2 years


Tinder used to make you have a facebook or Instagram in order to sign up, perhaps as a way to help verify real people. Now you can just do it by phone number if you want so if you wanted to make a fake profile, lie about age, or maybe promote your business instead then you’re basically free to do so. Tinder has also added in a limit on how many people you can like a day. 



Bumble donates to a cause when you send that first message so now if I match a guy I always follow through with that initial message. I used to really enjoy the fact that girls had to message first but now I find myself a bit annoyed that the choice is taken away. Any other app I have no problem messaging first, that’s not the issue that bothers me. It’s the pressure, responsibility, and lack of choice that seems to bug me a little. 



They’re really trying to have you pay for their platform now. You have to have a membership to see who likes you so you have message people in order for them to know you might be interested. This now requires a bit more effort than just clicking a button so people might take profiles a little more seriously than just a swiping game.



Hinge uses your facebook friends’ networks to find you matches. It also limits the amount of likes you can do in a day, it reminds me a lot of Coffee Meets Bagel with how much effort they put in to try and make long lasting connections and not just be a hook up app. They have you like a particular photo or writing blurb and can add in a little comment or question to help promote conversation.


Initial 10 thoughts:


This gym rat fad has not died down because everyone has abs now and it is not good for the 3 bowls of ice cream I’ve been having every week.


The only time a guy will message you instantly after matching is if he’s only looking to hook up, otherwise you’re going to wait a few hours or days.


The layout of the apps are all similar but sometimes i mean to swipe for more pictures and i end up swiping left or super liking so that’s been super unfortunate. 


It used to be very common to have all the apps and see the same people on each of them but it’s seeming like people aren’t crossing over as much.


I don’t know why guys put up pictures with kids because they constantly have to explain how they’re related to the child in their bio.


The time limit on Bumble is more stressful than I remember. But I do like that the message gets cleared out if they don’t answer in those following 24 hours. It helps keep the clutter out.


There’s these new jokes, quotes, and memes that I’m not up to date with and actually googled some.


Guys are absurdly butt hurt about having to include their height in their bio


I’m also very annoyed by bio that say they hate this app or are just looking to waste their time. If you don’t want to play the game then get off the field


Honestly, Tinder is my favorite platform right now, which seems so tragic for the other companies since Tinder started off as the infamous hook up app.



  1. Ok, this might not be funny….but it is funny:). The featured picture of your post sums it all up, doesn’t it? I’m not very familiar with the dating world or the apps nowadays, but people speed up from one to another. Through so many apps and options, deep connections seem to evade us.


  2. I like this blog post.
    I have used all these apps and I have had the most success on Bumble & Okcupid. I have had some luck on CMB but lack of conversation after the matching is very high there. The latest one I’ve tried is Hinge and have had zero luck on there. I did not use my fb but rather signed in through my phone. The quality of people on there in my area has been very disappointing honestly.


    1. A few years ago I would definitely say OKC was my fav. I wonder how much not using facebook is affecting the hinge dating pool for you.


      1. That is something to wonder. I don’t use facebook that much to begin with but maybe I should re-create my hinge account but tie it to facebook. Definitely a security concern though. 🤔


  3. For some reason I never had any luck with Tinder. Very little activity. After they ruined OKC I’ve had the best luck with Bumble. However I downloaded it again recently and noticed that they too have a limit on swipes now. But I’ve only hit the limit two or three times and haven’t since 🤷🏻‍♂️. But they donate to a cause when you send the first message? When did that start? And what are they donating to?


  4. Really…they are whorehouses ,that have been prettied up, remodeler nicely, and the shame of visiting one removed…no we get to walk right in. No shame. And call it dating.


  5. And I’m not trying to ruin ur blog post, it is good. I’m just at a point where God is allowing me to see past all the bullshit. Social sites, do u see people getting married? Nope. So then what happens? We meet, after a few weeks or months have sex, decide there is plenty of more fish in the water and we don’t have to take shit from nobody…bye! And start swiping again. How is this better than prostitution? Yet we are appalled at it. Yes we are no better. Waiting a few weeks ‘only diludes us it isnt’ …am I blaming someone, nope, I am guilty.


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