I’m happy I don’t really care about dating apps right now

I knew when I downloaded the apps that I didn’t want to jump right into anything. I also knew it takes a long time to meet someone you actually want to go on more than one date with so I wasn’t too worried about it. The reason I downloaded the apps in the first place right after the break up was because I wasn’t sure I could handle all the sudden down time and lack of daily communication to someone. 

People would ask what I was looking for on the apps and I found it kind of difficult to answer because I really didn’t know. As some conversations progressed to the potential of meeting up I found out that I really wasn’t interested in that so soon after becoming single. I found myself falling into one of the distinct categories of app users; I was on the apps just to talk but never meet up and basically just waste my time so I would be less bored.

Swiping through users was just a game to pass time and I found bumble annoying because it forced me to start a conversation within 24 hours. I tried a few apps just to see what they were about but in the end found myself using tinder the most of it’s easy, basic use. After a few weeks, I let new matches sit for days before even thinking about reaching out and in general, just spending less time on the app at all.

I didn’t really care for the conversations, they were all the same and I didn’t want them leading anywhere. Since I wasn’t looking for any type of partner there wasn’t much reason or interest to swipe through the sea of potential daters either.

I’m content to just make plans with my sisters, work on my blog, watch new tv shows, and focus on my schoolwork. I’ve been debating with myself when I might be interested in dating again and the answer is definitely not anytime soon. It’s a very different attitude than I’ve had for the past 5 years but I’m really happy with it. 



  1. Contentment in keeping with ones self is a good place to be. I myself have hit this conclusion too. I started my own journey in unlocking a better me this past year, and look forward to where the journey takes me next year. I have had profound realizations, and will do better to honor my own sense of inner peace versus trying to please someone at that expense. Keep on trucking!


  2. I feel exactly the same at the moment. I think I go in and out of spending the time on dating apps. Depends on my focus at the time and it is also with spending time with my sister, friends and of course blogging :-)! Great post – it always resonates when others feel the same way as you do.


  3. Yup, that is why New years all my profiles are going away again. I don’t know how long but I am absolutely bored with the dating app game. No one wants to meet or go forward and honestly, I am not sure if I do anymore. He will have to be pretty special because I haven’t found anyone worth giving my time to lately, much less my heart.


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