20 reasons to swipe right

I did a 20 swipe left and someone commented about a swipe right post. That never crossed my mind, which I find sad lol. These are all personal preferences but I figured some people might relate so why not?


  1. Clean shaven

  2. Good teeth / nice smile

  3. Outdoor nature pics

  4. Dog picsScreen Shot 2020-03-29 at 7.43.50 PM

  5. Tall(er than me)

  6. Strong jawline

  7. Mentions or pictures of a career path (we want someone with goals)

  8. They have a cute/fun laughing pic

  9. Their profile mentions Mexican food /sushi Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 7.46.33 PM

  10. A bio that shows a sense of humor 

  11. Strong possibility he doesn’t live at home (definitely not a dealbreaker at my age, but a strong bonus)

  12. Pictures with friends that are not at a bar (shows you don’t go out partying every weekend)

  13. Pictures with family

  14. They seem down to earth / humble

  15. They like country music

  16. They clean up well in a suit (not necessary for a profile, but hey it’s nice on the eyes) Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 7.47.20 PM

  17. You can see they put in some effort, but aren’t desperate

  18. They seem smart and would carry a conversation (spelling helps, guys)

  19. They seem athletic or active (they don’t spend every minute in front of a TV, hello COVID-19)

  20. Honestly, it’s just a vibe I feel of if I could get along with the guy or not.


  1. So I’m very curious after reading your great post what your reaction would be to the post that my wife answered on Match.Com in 1998. No photo, three lines about me and after four days of going through a ream of paper writing emails we met for our first meeting coffee at 2 p.m.that turned into an effort to see Titanic at 4 p.m. with it showing in four theaters but no tickets until 8 p.m., Wife wiped out her cell phone and confirmed tickets 25 miles away near her place, wen to dinner walked around Old town Auburn CA. parked 45 minutes early at the show, got friendly, held hands through the movie. Talked and steamed up the windows afterward until 2 a.m. Was invited for dinner the next night. And thus began what has been 22 years together – NOW – your impression and reaction to my profile headline – “Stoplight Kisser, Seeking Kissee” Would really love to know? I won the lotto of love with her. Best four words I have ever written!! LOL!! Super post Bellissimo, My Dear!! Would love to hear your thoughts – chucklindholm@hotmail.com


  2. Great post but epitomises everything that’s wrong with online dating. Really, the only things that matters ultimately is pt 20, the feeling. I’ve often thought I could have swiped past the one, because he couldn’t present himself in an instantly captivating manner, when in reality the ones that do are invariably good at this shit because they are players looking for the next bait.


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