The Wagon

I’m 2 days sober

and I say it’s all over.

Then you text me 

and I fall off the wagon again. 


Back under the influence 

of the games you play with my heart. 

My cheeks are numb

with generous gulps of alcohol

and my mind is saturated

with thoughts of you.


– Dec 2019


  1. I know it is hard to stay sober, my first 2 weeks of detox from substance abuse was pure hell. But you train your mind to say “no” and walk away and think about what you’re life would be if you went back….A DISASTER! Look forward to the good things that’ll come your way, think positive and stay strong! But it’s all in your head that u can’t stay sober. YOU CAN KICK THIS ADDICTION but you gotta stay away from places and people that u drank with, those people aren’t your friends and you’ll see how fast they disappear when u stop drinking completely. And in order for you to become sober is you gotta want to and want the help, nobody can force you to quit…you gotta want it. And believe me, you’ll know when you’re ready. But keep a positive mind, get professional help and remember..YOU ARE STRONG THAN YOUR DEMONS!! You got this!!


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