June Playlist – Break Up


1.Make You Miss Me (2014)

Sam Hunt immediately starts explaining this wishy-washy personality of a girl he’s dating or talking to. She always wants the newest things and is quick to ditch when the next big thing rolls around. Sam doesn’t deny the break up but he is convinced she caught feelings and will miss him. She won’t be able to move on to the next thing because she’s still hoping he’ll text her late at night. It seems like the roles are finally going to reverse and she’ll experience the heartbreak she’s always dishing out. Every little tiny thing is going to be a reminder of the love she lost.  


2. If I Loved You (2012)

Delta Rae is a heartbreaker in this song. She wishes she loved this man the way she should and the way he deserves but those deep feelings just aren’t there. It could be such a great love and on the surface it probably is, but in her heart she truly knows it’s not enough. They are so close to happily ever after and it just breaks your heart that this relationship can’t last forever.


3. Missed Calls (2011)

The Late Mac Miller sings of a relationship in turmoil and they’re having so many problems that he doesn’t feel like they’re on the same page anymore. The catchy chorus is where the title comes from as Mac raps about the voicemails his girlfriend is leaving, saying she thinks she has to walk away from this deteriorating relationship. It seems like the relationship has changed over the years or perhaps they have changed as individuals since Mac got famous. They both wish to go back to how they were but they know that isn’t really possible anymore. 


4. Burn (2004)

Usher belts out this song as this relationship burns out. He seems the end coming and it will only hurt later on to drag this relationship out any longer. The break up seems to be one sided and it really pulls at the heartstrings when you know someone is trying to hold on when the other is pulling away. The song takes a turn as Usher regrets the break up! He wishes for her back and misses the connection they had, but the relationship has already burned down.


5. Somebody that I Used to Know (2012)

Gotye had just all belting this out that summer! I had never been in a relationship at the time but boy did I feel that break up! Although, it may be a mutual break up it still hurts when you’re completely ignored and feel the person trying to erase the relationship. In a very clever use of the title, Gotye hints to a possible cheating scenario in the final verse. 


  1. Somebody That I Used To Know came out right after a breakup for me. I probably wouldn’t have even noticed the song if not for that. (And since we have very different preferred eras and genres when it comes to music, I think this is the first time you’ve ever posted a playlist that included a song I actually have, or even one I actually know, for that matter.)

    I’m going to share something here that I’ve only shared with a few people… the aforementioned breakup was a long distance relationship in which I was making way more effort than she was. I was playing 80s and 90s music on shuffle once during the eight hour drive home after visiting her, and Walking On Sunshine (https://youtu.be/iPUmE-tne5U) came on, and I thought about how that was a song about a long distance relationship. A few days later, I was looking something up about that song, and I came across an interesting theory it isn’t a happy song at all, that the guy in the song isn’t making much effort at all to actually communicate with and make time for the narrator, and she’s deluded into thinking that any little shred of attention at all means that he loves her. I put that out of my mind, but a few months later when I realized that that was exactly how I was being treated, the song took on a whole new meaning for me.

    Then I was listening to that same 80s playlist again a while after that, and I rewrote it as a breakup song.

    I used to think maybe you loved me, now I know that you don’t
    ‘Cause I just can’t wait ’til you’re coming around, but you won’t
    Now every time I go for the mailbox, I’m feeling so down
    ‘Cause you just won’t write, you won’t call, and you’re never around

    I’m walking on sunshine, whoa, I’m walking on sunshine, whoa, and don’t it feel good!

    I used to think maybe you loved me, now I know that it’s false
    I don’t want to spend my whole life stuck behind these four walls
    I don’t want you back for the weekend, not back for one day
    Just get the f*** out of my life, and that’s where you should stay

    Unrelated to Walking On Sunshine: here’s one of my favorite breakup songs. Hopefully I’ve typed enough actual words that WordPress won’t flag this comment as spam. https://youtu.be/FL4s226UZ0Y


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